Confection Reimagined

We are from Brixton, South London, a vibrant place full of colour, passion and life. Brixton is full of stories and steeped in history

For example; it has the first street lit with electricity in London – Electric Avenue.

Electric Avenue Brixton

What makes Brixton awesome is how it has always remained cool. In more recent years and decades Brixton has symbolised and taken a snapshot of the world around us all. Be that N.W.A performing in the Brixton Academy in 1991.

nwa brixton

Or the more recent David Bowie memorial.


As we reflect on our present times and look into tomorrow, we aim to bring you all the passion, vibrancy and coolness that Brixton has to offer in every single Confectionclub Box.

We will do that by crafting the new, embracing refinement and in adoring difference.

If you haven’t done so, why don’t you join us and our journey.