CONFECTIONCLUB is an innovative luxury confectionery company based in Brixton, London. Inspired by classic Parisian patisseries with unexpected creative combinations sets the mandate for confectionery reimagined. We pack all our latest mouthwatering confections in a box and deliver them to your home or work every month.

Confectionclub | Brixton Confectionery Company

Our Chefs

Our team of chefs mastered the art of patisserie at the iconic Le Cordon Bleu, London and have catered at some of the City’s most prestigious hotels and venues. Some of these include; The Ritz, The Mandarin Oriental hotel and The Gherkin, to name a few. We host confectionery tasting events in the form of pop-up events, over a few cocktails and live music for our members to experience throughout the year.

Our Story

Paris is one of the world most beautiful cities; full of passion, art, food and experiences that can define a lifetime. I decided to surprise my wife Abi with a last minute trip to Paris, it was 3 days of sunshine, long walks in gorgeous parks and of course food, gorgeous food. Having an exceptionally sweet, sweet tooth, we spent our fair share of time eating in patisseries, and this is where we had some of our best moments. Moments of love and true friendship.

A year later, I attempted to recreate the bliss of Paris in our Brixton apartment in London. I planned a romantic meal for which I had prepared some macarons, but with a twist. I threw in a dash of brandy and a bit of rum and I tell you what, they were pretty awesome.

Life is full of precious moments that we carry forever. CONFECTIONCLUB was founded to create those luxury moments in life that we remember and treasure. We do this by helping you create moments that can be shared and enjoyed with others, like I did with Abi. We craft luxury confection with awesome twists.

Tobi Lawal, Director


P : 0203 287 8267
E : hello@confectionclub.co